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Am Dienstag 23 März 2021 10:23:32 schrieb Robert J. Hansen via Gnupg-users:
> Regardless of whether he officially has power, he clearly unofficially
> has power.  He's contacted me a few times over the years to insist on
> changes to the FAQ, usually over incredibly silly details like saying
> our pronunciation guidance was wrong because we advised people to
> pronounce GNU as two syllables, guh-NOO. 

GnuPG used to be an official part of the GNU project.
(But this is less relevant now. Personally I believe the GNU project should 
have been declared successfully concluded a few years ago. And work 
restructured.) So yes, RMS had some influence over GnuPG. I don't think I've 
heard about anything in this regard for years. So just like anybody: If he 
would send a nice patch or suggestion, we'd look at it.

> When I spoke to someone within FSFE (name omitted for their privacy) about
> his 'help', I was told to just do what he wanted in order to make him go
> away. 

I doubt that this was an official advise from FSFE. ;)
This probably was practical advise within the GNU projects development teams:
If the requests are small and you have no particular reasons to not make them,
doing them is a way to handle them quickly. (My personal perspective is that 
RMS has done some good work and deserves credit for that, but he can be (and 
should be) criticised for the bad stuff he did, too.)

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