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Hi List,

Am Mi den 24. Mär 2021 um 16:15 schrieb Stefan Vasilev via Gnupg-users:
> Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> > What I observe is that knowledge and practive of email usage
> > is declining. I notice it in many little things (like folks sending
> > alternative HTML mails, not being able to handle CC, good inline quoting,
> > good subjects). So where are good explanations about email practice?
> This is quite normal, because millions of people nowadays are using modern
> web based
> email clients and those have with Gmail etc. the option to use OpenPGP too.
> GnuPG

If they are "modern" is something, I do not judge about. But there is
even a solution for Web-based mail clients. Mailvelope does a pretty
good job. Although there are some stuff to know about:
- Mailvelope can (obviously) only handle inline PGP mails. Decoding mime
  mails (or encoding) is far away from such a tool
- Mailvelope cannot handle hidden encrypts (As I understand the
  discussion, current Thunderbird is also unable to handle this.)
- Mailvelope Needs a e-mail address in the key identity. Otherwise it is
  not selectable.

> among Mailing List members. An exception might be the new Thunderbird, with

As you might see, I use mutt as mail client. But recently, I started
having an eye to thunderbird for some reasons. I liked the Enigmail
addon. It is sad, that the native implementation in Thunderbird is a
big step back. Although there is some advantages like the hidden subject

On the other hand, as it was stated here too, it is not possible to
disable it so the still dump majority of Outlook is unable to view the
subject. However, Outlook is also unable to view quotes a usable way,
neither is it able to create proper mails. So I always wonder, why
people stick to such horrible software.


Ps. I might need to use this Outlook in future for work mails. But I try
    to fight it. :-)
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