How would you do that ...

Stefan Vasilev stefan.vasilev at
Sat May 8 00:36:05 CEST 2021

Ryan McGinnis wrote:

> Sounds like you're having to trust some kind of tech from the country you're going to, so with that in mind:
> Buy burner phone and SIM with cash from some place where normal people buy phones and SIMs with cash.  Install Signal.  Done
> For identification, have some code word that will be the first thing you send.  Maybe even have a duress code word, too.
> Now there are some places this won't work.  Some places only sell phones that are pre-compromised.  If you know what you're doing you can probably flash it with GrapheneOS, though that would require buying a computer, in that country, too.  At some point you're probably in the "gonna be taking some serious risks no matter what" territory, unless you're working for MI6 or something.

Alice likes to keep the costs low and would only purchase a laptop 
there, to prepare

data, prior taking it to the Internet Café's (compromised) computer. 
Phones, whether

dumb or smart, she likes to avoid. But thanks for the proposal, much 



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