OpenPGP card and gpg-agent TTL

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Thu Nov 4 09:40:40 CET 2021

El día jueves, noviembre 04, 2021 a las 08:31:08a. m. +0100, Werner Koch via Gnupg-users escribió:

> On Wed,  3 Nov 2021 18:55, Matthias Apitz said:
> > card, and available without any laptop or USB dongel, just in my phone -- a
> > big progress.  Thanks to Purism to bring this with the L5 to the Linux world!
> You mean the Librem5 has indeed a second slot for a smartcard?  I
> recently received mine but it is more or less unusable to me.  It even
> comes w/o a bluetooth device - at least according to the warning notice
> I see - for things I can see because the network setting are not fully
> accessible.  It is more or less a brick; the OpenMoko used to be better.

Hello Werner,

I got mine in early October after exactly 4 years waiting. I do not
share your opinions about the L5. I moved my 100++ contacts from the
Ubuntu phone E4.5 to the L5 (which was a matter of seconds, export to
VCF, SCP over and load; both use the same evolution database for storing
them). I bought a SIM, have Internet via G4 on the road, or Wifi. Both
do fine, Wifi with any access point until now. I can attach a Bluetooth
keyboard with an integrated touchpad. Both work fine, see this foto:

The slot for the mini OpenPGP card in behind the battery, just
pull the battery out and you will see. I bought the OpenPGP card from
Purism for USD 15, I don't know if the small format exist here in
Germany. Here you have a small video showing the card insert etc.:

And, I hacked together a Spanish OSK for the terminal app, because I
write a lot in Spanish with a command line telegram client.

I have and have had some Linux mobiles, also the OpenMoko. The
Purism L5 is the most usefull until now for me. You see, I really don't
share your opinion. The biggest problem until now is the duration of the
battery of 8-10 hours, because the phone until now dows not suspend to
RAM. They're working on it...


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