OpenPGP card and gpg-agent TTL

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El día jueves, noviembre 04, 2021 a las 09:40:40a. m. +0100, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> ...
> I have and have had some Linux mobiles, also the OpenMoko. The
> Purism L5 is the most usefull until now for me. You see, I really don't
> share your opinion. The biggest problem until now is the duration of the
> battery of 8-10 hours, because the phone until now dows not suspend to
> RAM. They're working on it...

I forgot to add a joke. The L5 has 3 hardware kill switches, real kill
switches, i.e. the power down is not done by software but by cutting the
electrical power line of the respective chips: 1) the modem or
2) Wifi+Bluetooth or 3) cam+micro.

When I did the first test voice calls to my family at home, nobody could
hear me. Guess why :-)


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