OpenPGP card and gpg-agent TTL

Werner Koch wk at
Fri Nov 5 08:32:17 CET 2021

Hi Matthias,

On Thu,  4 Nov 2021 09:40, Matthias Apitz said:

> I got mine in early October after exactly 4 years waiting. I do not

Same here.  I actually met with Todd back then and my colleague Gniibe
write the driver for their planned card reader.  Then we had that long

it is good that things work for you.  And thanks for the hint with the
smartcard.  I was probably blind that I didn't noticed it.  I put an
older card into the slot (cut down with a sharp wire cutter) but I have
not seen the device.

Even after an OS update there is still no Bluetooth device (regardless
of the kill switch position) and the WLAN sometimes needs a reboot.  I
also wonder why there are no easy accessible teardown images - the long
Youtube video is not very helpful because it shows obvious things,

> I have and have had some Linux mobiles, also the OpenMoko. The
> Purism L5 is the most usefull until now for me. You see, I really don't

As long as you do not count the Jollas in.  Purism's decision to write
yet another software stack is highly questionable.  IMHO they should
have used the free stuff from SFOS and replace the proprietary UI using
Qt instead of GTK+.  That would have solved the battery problems



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