OpenPGP card and gpg-agent TTL

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Mon Nov 8 11:18:37 CET 2021

El día domingo, noviembre 07, 2021 a las 02:14:59p. m. +0100, Werner Koch via Gnupg-users escribió:

> On Fri,  5 Nov 2021 17:30, Matthias Apitz said:
> > But, it does not work locally on the L5 in its "terminal app", the
> > "pass" command in the terminal raises an error about no secret provided.
> You did the
>  gpg-connect-agent updatestartuptty /bye
> thing to tell gpg-agent where it shall pop up the pinentry?  Further
> ...

Thanks for the hints. Magically it works now by its own after adding
this to the ~purism/.bashrc (the terminal app does not source .profile).

In a SSH session a 'pass test' asks now inline for the PIN and in the
terminal app some Gnome window pops up.

See also:

Maybe you want subscribe to this forum (if not already done). It's a
pity that Purism uses a "forum" and not a standard mailing-list :-(


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