make check -> libgcrypt is too old

Christoph Klassen christoph-klassen at
Mon Nov 8 20:30:35 CET 2021

On 08.11.21 17:28, Jack via Gnupg-users wrote:
> In either case, I would check for any left-over remnants of an older 
> install of libgcrypt, such as a stray pkcgonfig file.
I didn't think of old installations, but that was the right clue. On my 
system the package libgcrypt20 was installed (from the debian repos). 
The solution was to run first dpkg --purge --force-all libgcrypt20 
(couldn't remove it the normal way because of some dependencies). Then I 
could build GnuPG without errors. But at least one application didn't 
work, so I reinstalled libgcrypt20. Now both, GnuPG and the other 
application work and everything is fine!

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