Kleopatra does not show diasbled keys though defined in libkleopatrarc

karel-v_g at tutanota.com karel-v_g at tutanota.com
Mon Oct 11 11:16:52 CEST 2021


I want to visually distinguish disabled OpenPGP-keys  in Kleopatras interface.
Therefor I edited inlibkleopatrarc and added a category "Disabled keys" to it:

[Key Filter #10]
Name=Disabled keys

As a result I would expect to appear disabled keys to appear in grey and italic.

Though the new category is listed in Kleopatras settings after the edit and though the relevant keys are recognized as disabled in the mouse-over-box the visual settings are not applied.

This happens in the current Kleoptra included in GPG4Win 3.1.16, Debian 11.1 (Bullseye) and Ubuntu Budgie 21.4.3.

I am not sure at all, but I think this was working some time in the past

Thanks for Help!


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