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Bernhard Reiter bernhard at intevation.de
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Hi Eric,

Am Mittwoch 04 August 2021 19:58:49 schrieb Eric Y. Lin:
> I've built up a win32 application to remotely import a public key to verify
> a digital signature. Everything works fine in a Windows 10 machine. Yet, as
> I was trying this win32 app when the gpg4win-3.1.16 was uninstalled, it
> didn't work. 
> > The error message is "Unable to load DLL '.....'" The  
> specified module could not be found. I got the same error message even if I
> copied the libgpgme.imp and libgpgme-11.dll to be in the same folder as the
> win32 app.

It seems that your application was using GPGME, which is the official 
API for the GnuPG crypto engine. For it to work, you'd need Gpg4win or another 
build of GnuPG and GPGME for windows installed. There is GnuPG only build for 
Windows, but as I remember it may not include GPGME.

> Another small issue is that the remotely listing and importing public key
> is a very slow process. It usually takes about one minute or so to
> complete. Is this a normal thing ?

I am not e what you mean by remotely. If you are accessing a keyserver or 
using WKD, it first depends on the speed of the server response and the 
network. Both should be fast. GnuPG then may need to compute the trust 
relations and this can take a bit, if there are many. Before you can make 
this faster, I'd try to find out where the time is spend.

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