Mastodon account, good server?

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Thu Dec 1 18:51:02 CET 2022

On 1 Dec 2022, at 16:42, Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at> wrote:
> Hi friends of GnuPG,
> seems to be a good time to start an official Mastodon account
> for GnuPG and related topics like Gpg4win and OpenPGP.
> At least for announcements and some interaction as the interest
> is growing for this decentral platform.
> Is there an interest here?  Should be do this?

I would say so, yes.

> If we do this, a server needs to be select.
> I'd probably go and suggest one my initial rough requirements:
> * located in Europe
> * can be volunteeringly paid for
> * some volume / track record to expect a good administration
> * a moderation and contents policy that allows for respectful
>   exchange, but is liberal in that commercial Free Software
>   topics (and broad other topics) are allowed as well.
> * (optional) Free Software and privacy friendly organisation
> Any suggestions matching these? is hosted in the EU (via Hetzner) and has a focus on security, encryption etc. without being prescriptive. I haven’t seen any abuse on it personally, and they have fediblocked a significant list of known hate sites. It’s run by Jerry Bell, who’s pretty respectable (CISO of IBMCloud), and a significant fraction of the security/encryption people I follow(ed) on Twitter use it. You can support it financially via

(other security/foss themed mastodon sites are available. YMMV etc etc)


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