Mastodon account, good server?

modulus modulus at
Thu Dec 1 20:43:40 CET 2022

On 01/12/2022 18:51, Andrew Gallagher via Gnupg-users wrote:> is hosted in the EU (via Hetzner) and has a focus on 
security, encryption etc. without being prescriptive. I haven’t seen any 
abuse on it personally, and they have fediblocked a significant list of 
known hate sites. It’s run by Jerry Bell, who’s pretty respectable (CISO 
of IBMCloud), and a significant fraction of the security/encryption 
people I follow(ed) on Twitter use it. You can support it financially 

Would make sense, but my understanding is they're getting blocked for 
hosting a DHS-affiliated account. Not taking sides on whether 1) hosting 
the account is good, 2) the blocking is good. Just that it might not 
have optimal reach.


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