GnuPG - signed Telefax communication

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Fri Jan 14 19:33:44 CET 2022

On 14/01/2022 18:22, Стефан Васильев wrote:
>> Good question. My thought was that Telefax is still used, among
> lawyers, doctors, business folks etc., and brand-new Fax machines
> can be bought on Amazon etc. 

+1 for obsolescence! Beware of course that fax machines are VERY noisy,
and analogue lines are increasingly routed over VOIP, so if you're using
this as some kind of off-grid technique you're not going to get very far.

> Yes, do you know of any QR-code software (open source) which could
> do that task automatically, i.e. split a large (encoded) message into
> several  QR-codes and reassemble later?

I don't know about QR codes, but splitting a single file into multiple
parts of a given size and reassembling them again can be done with the
venerable unix utilities `split` and `cat`.


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