GnuPG - signed Telefax communication

Стефан Васильев stefan.vasilev at
Fri Jan 14 19:44:37 CET 2022

Andrew Gallagher wrote:

> On 14/01/2022 18:22, Стефан Васильев wrote:
>>> Good question. My thought was that Telefax is still used, among
>> lawyers, doctors, business folks etc., and brand-new Fax machines
>> can be bought on Amazon etc.
> +1 for obsolescence! Beware of course that fax machines are VERY noisy,
> and analogue lines are increasingly routed over VOIP, so if you're 
> using
> this as some kind of off-grid technique you're not going to get very 
> far.

Well, but what I personally like about using a Fax machine is, that you 
a Fax report, can archive the Fax as a paper document, have in the Fax 
your data defined and can use with GnuPG a free-form UID explicitly used
for the Fax telephone number. And it is IMHO more decentralized and 
compared to email usage, when signing up for an email service. And you
don't need a MUA :-).

>> Yes, do you know of any QR-code software (open source) which could
>> do that task automatically, i.e. split a large (encoded) message into
>> several  QR-codes and reassemble later?
> I don't know about QR codes, but splitting a single file into multiple
> parts of a given size and reassembling them again can be done with the
> venerable unix utilities `split` and `cat`.

Ok, I have to check this out and as a Windows solution, because it is
the most widely used OS. Maybe an idea for Werner and his commercial
version of GnuPG Desktop.


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