Side-channel attacks

Стефан Васильев stefan.vasilev at
Tue Jan 18 20:20:56 CET 2022

Johan Wevers wrote:

> On 17-01-2022 0:09, Robert J. Hansen via Gnupg-users wrote:
>> I was asked for help with something in the 1.2 series (!!).  Without
>> exception, our first response is usually "for the love of God, 
>> upgrade!"
>> They rarely do.  It's worked fine for them for a decade or more, and
>> they're not going to change...
> Well, a bit more respect for backwards compatibility would help a lot 
> by
> that. Now I'm forced to keep an 1.4 and pgp 2.6 version installed just
> to be able to read all my old data. Some people just refuse to update 
> to
> versions that routinely break backwards compatibility.

I know from people that they use GnuPG 1.4 (Windows) for portability on
a USB stick and therefore it could be run in a native Windows 10 
while also running a Tor hidden service in the sandbox, to communicate
encrypted, without relying on third party client/server models via VPS 
major email providers.

Is it possible to do that with the latest gpg4win?


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