Preventing public key upload to key-servers

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Jan 29 07:42:36 CET 2022

> If an individual that requests his personal information is
> removed (i.e., the "right to be forgotten") is EU resident,
> GDPR applies regardless of the jurisdiction in which the
> information server is located.

"Right to be forgotten" doesn't exist in the United States.  It's a 
violation of our First Amendment, which guarantees our right to 
communicate essentially anything that's true -- and even many things 
that are false! -- so long as we haven't signed a security clearance 

We take this so seriously that when a major news magazine wanted to 
publish accurate details about the design of nuclear weapons, they were 
allowed to do so and no one went to jail for it.  (_The Progressive,_ 
November 1979, if you feel like looking it up in your library.  It was 
the first public release of the physics behind the H-bomb.)

If the United States is forbidden from stopping me from sharing facts 
about nuclear weapon design, it's also going to be forbidden from 
enforcing the GDPR's prohibition on my telling other people your email 

The EU likes to claim the GDPR applies everywhere information on EU 
residents is kept.  So long as we've got United States Marines, y'all 
are going to have real problems convincing us of that.  :)
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