First Amendment and Marines?

jonkomer jonkomer at
Sat Jan 29 17:38:24 CET 2022

My personal preferences have nothing to do with the topic
discussed here. I was simply trying to help an organization
that is, for *their own good business reasons* very much
motivated to adhere to GDPR, use existing IT infrastructure
to move to a more secure method of communication.

I was the one to suggest to them to use e-mail and OpenPG
encryption. The reasons were two-fold: first to avoid one of
those centralized, web-browser based, single-point-of-failure,
essentially insecure communication setups so common today;
the second was to make their member's communication
interoperable with general Internet population in order
to increase organization's visibility and promote wider
adoption of encrypted e-mail. I posted my original question
only in order to find out some technical details on how to
do that.

Posting the question was worthwhile, as I have learned

(a) Unfortunately, OpenPG email encryption is incompatible
with GDPR and should not be used by those that either want
or need to be GDPR compliant.

(b) GDPR appears to be a topic that, for some strange reason,
elicits emotional reactions by the OpenPG creators and

(c) GPG and OpenPG appear to be very much US-centric
endevours. That fact ought to be taken into account by the
new users.

If the ultimate goal of OpenPG is the wider adaption of
encrypted e-mail, finding technical means to make it usable
by those that *wish to be GDPR compliant* - without forcing
such MO on everyone - appears to be a worthwhile effort.

I thank again to all that have contributed their answers,
comments and opinions.

Jon K.

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