Preventing public key upload to key-servers

Johan Wevers johanw at
Sat Jan 29 09:33:42 CET 2022

On 29-01-2022 4:43, jonkomer via Gnupg-users wrote:

>> When the keyserer operator operates outside
>> of the EU I don't think that is a legal problem.

> If an individual that requests his personal information is
> removed (i.e., the "right to be forgotten") is EU resident,
> GDPR applies regardless of the jurisdiction in which the
> information server is located.

That's what the EU claims. Other countries can value that opinion just
as much as some other countries that want people convicted outside their
borders for insulting Dear Leader.

If the EU isn't ready to use the ultimate law (might makes right) then
it's just a dead letter.

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