First Amendment and Marines?

Andrew Gallagher andrewg at
Mon Jan 31 19:01:28 CET 2022

I go away for the weekend, and my mailbox catches fire... ;-)

On 29/01/2022 16:38, jonkomer via Gnupg-users wrote:
> (a) Unfortunately, OpenPG email encryption is incompatible
> with GDPR and should not be used by those that either want
> or need to be GDPR compliant.

This is not so; the use of email encryption *improves* GDPR compliance.

> (b) GDPR appears to be a topic that, for some strange reason,
> elicits emotional reactions by the OpenPG creators and
> maintainers.

GDPR elicits interesting reactions in general! ;-)

> (c) GPG and OpenPG appear to be very much US-centric
> endevours. That fact ought to be taken into account by the
> new users.

On the contrary, Europe is (in my experience) over-represented in the
OpenPGP development community, and there has been extensive discussion
of its implications for PGP both in this group and elsewhere.

> If the ultimate goal of OpenPG is the wider adaption of
> encrypted e-mail, finding technical means to make it usable
> by those that *wish to be GDPR compliant* - without forcing
> such MO on everyone - appears to be a worthwhile effort.

Agreed in general, however I'm not sure what you mean by "forcing such
MO on everyone".


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