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On 1/29/2022 at 11:02 PM, "Robert J. Hansen"  wrote:>     Please
comment if this is adequate, or there is still a problem with
>     Disastry's Linux Version.


I've been trying to get people to move to OpenPGP for literally a 
quarter-century, Vedaal.  I'm not going to suddenly switch gears and 
work on giving people reasons *not* to migrate.
I have publicly posted here that GnupG should not have to make a
considerations with backward compatibility with Disastry's version,
those who use Disastry's version among each other will continue to do
so, and among those who communicate with GnuPG user's, will use GnuPG.

If person1 has a signed and encrypted email to person 2, but which
used IDEA and MD 5, and now wants to decrypt, and re-encrypt and sign,
and send to person 2, who will then destroy the original email, why
shouldn't they be allowed to know if this is safe.  They still use
GnuPG for current email and will not be discouraged by knowing that
there is a safe way to do this in Linux based Diastry's version, which
cannot be sent to person 2's v3 key in GnuPG 2.x

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