YubiKey 5C NFC not detected

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Sun Jan 30 13:49:58 CET 2022

On Sonntag, 30. Januar 2022 12:22:24 CET Felix E. Klee wrote:
> Ingo Klöcker <kloecker at kde.org> writes:
> > Are you sure "Yubico Yubi" is the correct value for the reader-port
> > option?
> It’s what is suggested in the official [Troubleshooting Issues with
> GPG][1].  They also suggest:
>     Yubico Yubikey
> That doesn’t work either.  As I realized before, their guides are not up
> to date.

> > Did you try without specifying this option?
> Yes.
>     $ rm .gnupg/scdaemon.conf
>     $ gpgconf --kill gpg-agent
>     $ gpg --card-status
>     gpg: selecting card failed: No such device
>     gpg: OpenPGP card not available: No such device
> By the way, to make `ykman` see the key, I had to add a udev rule:
>     $ cat /etc/udev/rules.d/10-security-key.rules
>     KERNEL=="hidraw*", SUBSYSTEM=="hidraw", MODE="0666", GROUP="users",
> ATTRS{idVendor}=="1050", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0407"
> Any idea what else I can try?

Run the following command to see which readers GnuPG's scdaemon sees:
$ echo scd getinfo reader_list | gpg-connect-agent --decode

For my YubiKey I get
D 1050:0407:X:0
Instead of the "X" (which I get literally because apparently more descriptive 
information is missing) you will hopefully see a more descriptive string. 
That's the string you need to use for reader-port if you want to tell scdaemon 
explicitly which reader it should use. If scdaemon sees only one reader, then 
setting the option reader-port makes no sense.

If scdaemon doesn't see your reader then it's probably not (yet) supported by 
GnuPG's CCID driver. Then you could try to use pcsc by adding the option 
disable-ccid to your scdaemon.conf.

You could also try GnuPG 2.3.4.

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