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Thu Jun 2 15:04:31 CEST 2022


a couple of questions:
1 What is the difference between gnupg2 and gnupg-2.X.X?
2 How do I obtain a compability between gnupg2 and gnupg-2.x.x?

I am currently facing a conundrum with the AIX Toolbox dependencies.
It is looking for gnupg2 but currently my compilation is as gnupg.
And I do not want to install the version from the Toolbox, when I have  
a working package that is more up2date.
I tried the easiest method of changing the name, but that is not the  
only problem, because the tar-file still comes in gnupg-2.x.x format.
Do I need to rename that every time?
Is there another workaround or fix I can use? (linking/provides)

Kind regards

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