(my) E-mail address not found by 'https://keys.openpgp.org'

Hubert Lombard contact at hubert-lombard.website
Wed Mar 16 13:13:00 CET 2022

Hello !

I recently started to get interested in GPG. Last week, during my first
tests, I sent my first key to 'keys.gnupg.net'
but I understood only yesterday that this server could have been
compromised since 2019. When I tried to revoke the key permanently, it
was not found.
So I deleted the key from my computer with Seahorse, and immediately
after, still with Seahorse, I generated  a new key pair using the same
email address and choosing the key server 'keys.openpgp.org'

When creating this new key pair, instead of going directly to the
revocation step, I sent my public key.
After that, I performed the revocation step.

Could the inversion of these 2 steps have had an impact on the fact
that 'https://keys.openpgp.org/' does not find my e-mail address?
On the other hand, it does find my
E67C43563F94C4756557A483B2A8FF57185B13B0 key

I'm wondering at this point if there is an error I could fix or if it's
better to revoke/delete this current key-pair.

Thank in advance for your advice


Hubert Lombard <contact at hubert-lombard.website>

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