(my) E-mail address not found by 'https://keys.openpgp.org'

Hubert Lombard contact at hubert-lombard.website
Wed Mar 16 19:30:47 CET 2022

Hi Michael!

Thank you for your answers, I have to learn and verify several things
In particular, checking my email address, I didn't know that :)

'https://gnupg.org/gph/en/manual.html' will surely enlighten me on some

Thanks again


> Hi,
> On Wed, Mar 16, 2022 at 01:13:00PM +0100, Hubert Lombard wrote:
> > Could the inversion of these 2 steps have had an impact on the fact
> > that 'https://keys.openpgp.org/' does not find my e-mail address?
> > On the other hand, it does find my
> > E67C43563F94C4756557A483B2A8FF57185B13B0 key
> Unlike most keyservers, keys.openpgp.org requires you verify your email
> address before the key is available by email, but it can be searched by
> fingerprint even without that (though it won't contain the email
> information, iirc).  Since this sounds similar, it seems to me like you
> may not have completed this verification step, or something went wrong
> there.
> - Michael

Hubert Lombard <contact at hubert-lombard.website>

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