Application deadlock when using GnuPG, gpgsm, and Scute

Simon Josefsson simon at
Tue Apr 11 10:50:39 CEST 2023

Werner Koch via Gnupg-users <gnupg-users at> writes:

> I am sorry, for the Debian troubles - we actually had 2.3 in Sid already
> 2 years ago.  AFAICS the problem is that the Debian maintainer seems to
> be in a conflict between being Sequoia contributor and maintainer,
> OpenPGP WG Chair and also long time GnuPG maintainer.

Are there well-maintained debian packages for GnuPG 2.4 anywhere?  I
recently ran into yet another bug that has been fixed in later versions
that Debian/Trisquel doesn't ship, so wondered this recently as well.

I've seen some work here:

If nobody has done this, is there interest in providing such packages?

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