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Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Wed Jan 4 03:09:24 CET 2023

K S via Gnupg-users wrote:
> It would be helpful to know why I can't get compression in my build. I've
> tried to build from source three times now.
> There are so many packages in Ubuntu with zip, zlib, and bzip2 in the name
> I can't begin to try them all. I've looked at config.log and it doesn't
> give much help.

The config.log should show some information about the
compression algorithms, likely found searching for "zip" in
the output.

Building from source does require a bit of familiarity with
the system on which you are building.  While you shouldn't
need to randomly try all the packages, knowing where to look
for ideas will help.

I don't use Ubuntu or Debian, but if I were trying to build
gnupg from source I'd start by looking at what build
dependencies are required by the system packages.

In the case of gnupg, you can see that in the debian/control


You can install those build dependencies via something like:

    apt-get build-dep gnupg2

The debian/rules file is usually also interesting; seeing
what configure and make options are used can be helpful.

Some of the dependencies for the current gnupg may be newer
than what is required by the gnupg2 package in Ubuntu and/or
provided by the OS.  You may first need to build those newer

If so, you need to be careful not to interfere with the OS
libraries which are used by other packages on the system.
It can get "interesting" trying to update something which is
quite a core dependency of the operating system.

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