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Hi Rafael,

Am Freitag 16 Juni 2023 19:50:43 schrieb Alberti, Rafael Ricardo via 
> On May 15 2023, we installed and were looking at using GPG a server.

which operating system and if you are running GNU/Linux, which distribution
are you using?

> We  created  the proper Public and Private key and Pass Phrase.   The
> decryption and encryption was working well for a few weeks until on June
> 13, 2023 the decryption failed.
> Upon review, we received a "No Secret Key" error - nothing changed on the
> machine.  We also noticed that the Public and Private key were no longer
> visible in the armor i.e.  Gpg -list-keys    {returned blank}
> What would cause the keys to be removed?    We did notice that an install
> of GPG occurred on the server on June 13.
> Can a GPG Auto Update remove the Keys inside the Armor ?  

It MUST not. So if this update did, it would be a defect of the packaging
(or the updating process in general).

> If so, how can  we disable GPG Auto Update feature

Depends on which update service you were using.
GnuPG is available for many platforms and can be installed by many means.

> After much review,  and  "by chance"  we re-imported the Public.key and the
> TrustDb.Key and the Armor was repopulated with the old Key information and
> the decryption started to work again

Good to know that you had a working backup (that is recommended practice). :)

Best Regards

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