Looking for keyserver software without any validation or fancy features

Bernd Naumann bernd at kr217.de
Fri Jul 7 10:59:17 CEST 2023

Hi *,

For a test setup / proof of concent / lab, I'm looking for a pretty
simple keyserver implementation.

I don't need any form of validation, web ui, etc.
At least I want to be able to disable send mail validation, federation,
web server, and what not.

I just want to be able to send and receive keys to/from a server.

All machines in this setup are running Debian 11 or 12.

hagrid and huckeypuck are total overkill, and at least hagrid is not
even /intended/ to be "self hosted".

I have seen https://github.com/SKS-Keyserver/sks-keyserver but still
have to check it out if it really suites my needs.

`gpg-wks-server` has to send and receive verification mails, right?
I would like to avoid having to configure a mail-server and mail-clients.

Are there any other options?
I would like to not take `cp` and `scp` as an option, I'm doing this


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