Failed to use GPG key for SSH

Bernd Naumann bernd at
Wed Jul 12 11:43:57 CEST 2023

On 12.07.23 05:28, Caleb Herbert wrote:
> [caleb at farnsworth ~]$ export SSH_AUTH_SOCK=$(gpgconf --list-dirs agent-
> ssh-socket)
> [caleb at farnsworth ~]$ gpgconf --launch gpg-agent
> [caleb at farnsworth ~]$ ssh-add -L
> The agent has no identities.

Hi Caleb,
But you have the correct keygrip in `~/.gnupg/sshcontrol`?

(Don't nail me on details, but my impression was, that /sometimes/ a
kill on the gpg-agent is necessary, however `gpgconf --reload` should be

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