Failed to use GPG key for SSH

Teemu Likonen tlikonen at
Wed Jul 12 12:55:51 CEST 2023

* 2023-07-11 22:28:36-0500, Caleb Herbert wrote:

> But lately, I haven't been able to use SSH.

> sec#  rsa3072 2023-06-29 [SC]
>       631CC434A56B5CBDFF21234697643795FA3E4BCE
> uid           [ultimate] Caleb Herbert <csh at>
> ssb#  rsa3072 2023-06-29 [E]
> ssb#  rsa2048 2023-06-29 [A]

Secret keys are missing from this keyring, tells the "#" mark. Text
"sec#" means that the primary secret key is missing and "ssb#" tells the
same about secret subkeys. Those should read as "sec" and "ssb", without
the "#" mark, or "sec>" or "ssb>" if the key data is actually on a smart

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