Management of background services with systemd

Michael Richardson mcr at
Thu Mar 2 03:24:35 CET 2023

David Joaquín Shourabi Porcel <david at> wrote:
    > I am researching GnuPG for my employer. We will stick with the old
    > release series 2.2 at first, because few Linux distributions package
    > 2.3 or 2.4 yet. However, I'm studying newer versions and recent
    > developments to ease our future upgrades. In doing so, a question has
    > arisen: should background services like the agent not be managed with
    > systemd?

Please no.

It's bad enough as it is when you have multiple personalities you are trying
to support (signing as me, vs signing code with an offline key)... having
systemd (the userland one) popping off new copies would be horrible.

Combined with SSH access to the machine, and the passphrase/pin popup shows
up in the wrong place.

(And many of us do not trust systemd and do not run it on important machines)

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