Pinentry problem with different home dir

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at
Thu Oct 26 18:01:36 CEST 2023

Werner Koch via Gnupg-users wrote in
 <87r0lhzxgu.fsf at>:
 |On Wed, 25 Oct 2023 18:51, Michael Richardson said:
 |Use a different home directory.  Actually running
 |  gpg --homedir /somewhere -s something
 |should be enough but the agent and dirmngr started on the fly won't be
 |killed until you rmdir /somewhere.

It would really be nice if one would be able to avoid those extras
for simple operations.  It is one reason why i still use 1.4.23,
all those surroundings that i really do not need (unless i would
need them), and that get auto-started and are then laying around.

Other than that it justs works here, with three different
homedir's (pgp with "mutilated" non-exportable etc. private key --
thanks again for this non-standard but super user helpful
possibility!, pgp-nosecrets with only the public key for
encryption, and then the usually non-available full thing.
Works for years without any issues at all.

 |Or just use -u to select a different signing key.  For example in
 |      name = "Werner Koch"
 |      email = "wk at"
 |      signingkey = C1D34B69219E4AEEC0BA1C21E3FDFF218E45B72B

I did not know it even works with quotes.  Never used quotes here.

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