Can not import private key (Not enough space)

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Apr 9 16:58:46 CEST 2024


On Tue,  9 Apr 2024 12:21, Moses said:
> C:\>gpgconf -L

which merely shows that you installed the software on d:\software and
kep the user data at the usual C: directories.  I see nothing strange.

To recap your problem was:

c:\> gpg --import private-keys.asc
gpg: enabled compatibility flags:
gpg: key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: error sending to agent: Not enough space

I don't known why you get that error which might hint at a out of memory
(not out of disk space) problem.    We could look at the output of

  gpgconf -V


  gpgconf -X

but I doubt that this will show anything useful for your case.  Can you
start kleopatra?  If so, what does its selftest tell?

What you can do is:

  gpgconf -K all

to stop all background processes (or use the taskmgr or logout and in

  cd %APPDATA%
  ren gnupg
  ren gnupg

and then try agin.  If this does work you might have insufficent
permissions somewhere below %APPDATA%\gnupg .  If kleopatra starts you
can also teh DbgViewer tool from Sysinternals to see the diagnostics
from Kleopatra.



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