[gpg-agent] Empty OPTION xauthority=

Matěj Cepl mcepl at cepl.eu
Sun Mar 3 20:38:57 CET 2024

On Sun Mar 3, 2024 at 10:05 AM CET, Werner Koch wrote:
> > am running it on host with systemd --user services (configuration
> Take care, the use of systemd is racy and support will be removed in
> 2.6.

1. Could you please explain why it is racy? Why from all services
   only gpg is unsuitable for systemd treatment? It is just one
   socket as any other, isn’t it? Could you point to some issue
   ticket, email thread, blog post explaining the problem?
2. When running on MicroOS system (or Fedora Atomic) how could
   you guarantee that there is only one gpg-agent and gpg
   doesn't try to run it inside of a container, thus making it
   inacessible to other containers on the system (Flatpak or
   podman) and to the host system? I don't see any other solution
   than running permanently one gpg-agent on the host system open
   to everybody, which systemd --user service seems to provide

> gpg takes the value for xauthority from the envvar XAUTHORITY.  In your
> case it seems that this envvar is set to the empty string which results
> in the above synax error.  Using xauthority without a value and thus
> without the '=' removes the value from gpg-agent's environment.

Yes, thank you for kicking me in the right
direction, I found a bug in distrobox

> In theory it would be possible to ignore the empty string but given that
> we have the code this way for 20 year the risk of a regression is to
> high.

What? You know there is a vulnerability in gpg (actually,
couldn't the particularly modified environment be abused for some
DoD style attack?) and you don't want to fix it, because you had
that bug there long enough? I probably do not understand what you
were trying to say.

> Please figure out why XAUTHORITY is set to the empty sting.
> XAUTHORITY is only needed if you don't use ~/.Xauthority to store the
> X11 magic cookies; see xauth(1).

I have Wayland-only system (based on sway), so whole XAUTH*
variables are nonsensical here.



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