[gnutls-dev] Patch for 0.9.5 for building with Forte 6 update 2 on Solaris/Sparc

Sean Gao sean.gao at sun.com
Thu May 8 16:23:19 CEST 2003

Hi, there
    Just completing building 0.9.5 on Solaris with Forte 6 update 2, 
and  I have done some modifications
before success.  Attached is a proposed patch, and here are some 
    1.  gnutls-0.9.5/includes/gnutls/openssl.h          forte seems not 
accepting an empty struct without any member ...
         gnutls-0.9.5/lib/gnutls_cipher.c                   the const 
keyword makes forte failing
         gnutls-0.9.5/libextra/gnutls_srp.c                the "return 
FUNCTION();"  is not accept for a void return type function.
    2.  Even if I define __BUILTIN_VA_ARG_INCR or  __sparc, it seems 
that the including header file
         /usr/include/alloca.h is not preprocessed as expected since it 
always says that alloca is an undefined
         symbol during linking process ....  I have to do some changes, 
but my approach seems work-around
         only, hope you guys can help to correct me.  Thanks,  :-)
    3.  In the file gnutls-0.9.5.new/lib/x509/x509.c, if not giving 
tmp.data a value, it will cause core dump ...
         It should be a neglect forgetting to do so.,

Hope these could be some helpful and be taken into account

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