[gnutls-dev] question about openpgp authentication

Charles 'Buck' Krasic krasic at cs.ubc.ca
Sat Nov 22 23:32:19 CET 2003


I'm experimenting with gnu-tls, to see if it might work in my video
streaming system.   The openpgp authentication is what has attracted me
to gnu tls.   

I'm new to gnu tls (and gnupg too), so I'm still coming to grips with
how the API should be used.  

My question regards secret keys and passphrases.  It seemed that to get
the gnutls handshake to work, I had to remove the passphrase from my
secret key.  Is this correct?  This seems to make sense, since I can't
see how gnutls could use the key otherwise.   If so, I would prefer that
the key be passphrase protected, since leaving secret keys unprotected
is generally a pretty bad idea.   Hence, is there any hope that gnutls
might add some support for passphrase checking of secret keys?  Or is
there some other software that would do this?  

-- Buck

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