[gnutls-dev] oops - slightly more patch for libtasn (0.2.17)

Bernard Leak bernard at brenda-arkle.demon.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 17:27:04 CET 2006

Dear List,
                  I now find that I never ran the testsuite for libtasn 
before submitting
the previous patch.  Here are the associated changes to the testsuite.
Unfortunately, I can't find an elegant way of prepending a path in the test
sources, so the top-level Test_parser.c and Test_tree.c files are now
generated from .in files by configure, using AC_SUBST(srcdir) .  The
"obvious" alternative - with a -D define - is actually no better, because
I'd still have to modify the sources, and I can't find a clean way to adjoin
anything to the DEFS variable in a local fashion.  Rather than play hob
with the build rules, I make configure do the work.

Note that the .c files disappear, and reappear as .c.in files, with slight
changes.  That's because there I don't know a graceful way of renaming files
in CVS.

Apologies for all the horrors: these very small and simple changes were
surprisingly burdensome.  Explanations of how to do this sort of thing
elegantly would be very welcome!

The attached patch is my "working" patch, so it includes the previous patch
changes.   It now includes patches (not really wanted for the CVS tree)
for both configure and Makefile.in .

Bernard Leak
Before they made me, they broke the mould

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