GPLv3 (was: [gnutls-dev] GnuTLS 2.1.7)

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Sun Dec 16 10:12:26 CET 2007

We have this also:

On 12/15/07, Andreas Metzler <ametzler at> wrote:
> On 2007-11-29 Simon Josefsson <simon at> wrote:
> [...]
> > We are considering to use the GPLv3 instead of GPLv2 for everything
> > except the core library, and I'd like to invite comments about this.
> [...]
> I know this is a litle bit late. I have gone over Debian/main eyeing
> packages depending on libgnutls13 and checking whether they link
> against libgnutls-extra or libgnutls-openssl.
> Most of the packages listing GPLv2 as license seem to be false
> positives or a least unclear (freewheeling, gkrellm, kildclient,
> sipsak). ssmtp is also in the unclear camp. lynx seems to be the only
> package that actually will lose its SSL functionality, since it is
> GPLv2.
> Please note that that I have not checked whether license conflicts of
> this form would exist
> program links against libgnutls-extra or libgnutls-openssl.
> program also links agains libfoo, and libfoo is not GPLv3 compatible.
> cu andreas
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