benchmarking mod_gnutls vs mod_ssl

Simon Josefsson simon at
Wed Mar 12 10:16:45 CET 2008

Werner Koch <wk at> writes:

> On Sat,  8 Mar 2008 12:41, nmav at said:
>> So it seems libgcrypt is quite optimized in amd64... However there
> Right, we have new optimized code for amd64 but the plain ia32 code is
> pretty old and it might even be that the generic C implementation is
> faster.

Is that optimized MPI code?  Or AES?  I'll see if I can test with
--disable-asm in a live test.  We should also test non-RSA and non-AES
to see if we can pin-point what is slow.

>> with the small file). Possibly the RSA blinding...
> I have a 10% performance penality for the blinding in mind.  Lets see:

Doesn't openssl also do rsa blinding?


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