libtasn1-1.6 removed libtasn1-config though gnutls still uses it

Simon Josefsson simon at
Fri Nov 14 10:56:17 CET 2008

Daniel Black <dragonheart at> writes:

> from the gnutls-2.6.2
> checking for libtasn1-config... no
> checking for libtasn1 - version >= 0.3.4... no
> *** The libtasn1-config script installed by LIBTASN1 could not be found


> can I request  libtasn1-config be reinstated until phased out by other things 
> that use it?

Sure, we'll add it until gnutls 2.7.x has been released stable, it
doesn't use libtasn1-config anymore.  Do you know of any other software
that uses libtasn1-config?

Given that the libtasn1 master branch introduces an ABI break, I think
we'll need a libtasn1 1.7 that only re-adds the libtasn1-config stuff.
I'll see if I can prepare one today.

> also - not sure if you still use 
> simple patchs are there
> also still failing for me here:

Thanks for pointer, I'll look over these.


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