[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | With TLS 1.3 enabled, gnutls_handshake() succeeds in client when client fails to send required certificate (#615)

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Sat Nov 17 17:12:46 CET 2018

Maybe we have a documentation issue here....

> When a function is interrupted the same function has to be restored. What the documentation is sating is that you may need to restore recv even when sending is unblocked

I don't understand at all. If `gnutls_record_recv()` is interrupted, then the documentation says I have to call `gnutls_record_get_direction()`. (Which we cannot do in glib-networking, but let's pretend.) Then what am I supposed to do with the result of `gnutls_record_get_direction()` before calling `gnutls_record_recv()` again? If `gnutls_record_recv()` will pick up sending and handle everything transparently, then why is `gnutls_record_get_direction()` mentioned in the documentation at all?

Obviously I already know that if `gnutls_record_recv()` is interrupted I have to call it again, but the documentation for `GNUTLS_AUTO_REAUTH` has me thinking that's no longer the case and special handling is required.

(It would probably be good to also document that `GNUTLS_AUTO_REAUTH` must not be used if the application is sending and receiving data on two threads at once.)

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