[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | attempt for grooming: Items to be addressed in 3.6.5 (#575)

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Sun Nov 18 21:02:53 CET 2018

Thank you for that. I like in that board that we can have a view restricted to 3.6.x bugfixes and the ones selected for the milestone in question. I miss the burnout chart that there is in the milestones view :(
Nevertheless, we could work with something like that, though the "Open" and "Closed" lists are quite unmanageable due to many items being there. 

In practice the workflow that I had in mind was using two views:
 1. To select items to move from the various backlogs to the currently open releases

 2. To view what items remain, and what to pick from the plan for the next release

but it is quite influenced from my work in a team with strict goals and deliverables. In practice the gnutls workflow is (or my impression of it is):
 1. There are various backlogs around. One is the large set of bugs that affect or may potentially affect someone, some are project based (e.g., the tls1.3 backlog). These, at least for the ones we know, we group using the "milestones" option.

 2. A new milestone is made for each release; some bugs which are important for the next release are proposed for it

 3. Whatever fix is introduced before the release date is included as long as it follows the contribution guide (e.g., tests) unless vetoed (with 'after next release' label)

 4. At release date, any remaining bugs in the release milestone are moved to the backlog for the release series (3.6.x)

That is, (2) and (4) are quite indicative of intentions rather than restrictive in any way, and could even be skipped as steps and still get to the same result (with possibly losing some transparency). Do you think that we can have a board (or two) which is helpful for (a) contributors, and (b) the developers working on gnutls?

Somehow related. From reading the above, it seems that the milestone way of tracking projects is not a good one as one issue cannot be both in the tls1.3 and the 3.6.5 release milestone. Or even better in 'tls1.3' and 'gnutls 3.6.x bugfixes' and '3.6.5 release'. Most likely labels will serve better in tracking such features/projects.

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