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Wed Nov 21 15:33:22 CET 2018

Darshit Shah commented on a discussion on tests/cert-tests/certtool:

>  		exit 1
>  	fi
> -	#check whether ask-pass is being honoured
> -	${SETSID} "${CERTTOOL}" --generate-self-signed --load-privkey ${TMPFILE1} --template "${srcdir}/templates/template-test.tmpl" --ask-pass >${TMPFILE2} 2>&1 <<<${PASS}
> +	#check whether password is being honoured

Why do you need to skip this test? The fix to the bashism here is very simple:

${SETSID} "${CERTTOOL}" --generate-self-signed --load-privkey ${TMPFILE1} --template "${srcdir}/templates/template-test.tmpl" --ask-pass >${TMPFILE2} 2>&1 <<EOF

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