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Wed Nov 21 20:04:18 CET 2018

> - we add a function in `tests/scripts/common.sh` that exits with 77 (SKIP) if not running on bash. Let's name is `skip_if_not_bash()`.
> - add a call to skip_if_not_bash() for scripts that require bash

Wouldn't that mean that these tests will run only if `/bin/sh` is bash? In the freebsd runners bash is `/usr/local/bin/bash` and these tests are currently running there. With the new approach they will not.

> That means devs can focus on writing test scripts for bash. If they break the Alpine runner, the dev just adds a call to skip_if_not_bash() _or_ fixes the bashism. Whatever suits best.

Why cannot we install bash on alpine?

> This MR has more than fixing bashisms. There is also a signal/abort (SIGABRT) issue being fixed. And several usages of diff options (-I) have been replaced by grep. This is also pretty trivial.

Ok, let me check it in detail.

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