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Thu Nov 22 12:58:23 CET 2018

> To run the test suite bash is required and it doesn't need to be in /bin/sh (that's why env is used). 

Can't see any usage of env except in one test. Maybe it is a future plan to use it (we should open an issue about it). It's a different thing, not directly related to this MR. But when at it: `#!/usr/sbin/env sh` as proposed won't start bash. It just finds sh even when not in /bin.

> I see a normal user as someone who downloads gnutls from its distribution

That's one type of user. There are several other types. And there are OSes that don't have latest GnuTLS in their repos. There are container builds, manual and automated, striving for a minimal build environment. Non of these is interested in a full-blown developer build with TLS fuzzer testing etc. All that is required is a `./configure && make && make check` - and the 'check' is just to test the basic functionality. If this can be run with a simple POSIX shell (and the busybox ash is maybe the best we can have here) just with trivial changes... well, then we should do it. If people want more - they should just install bash. we can easily document it.

This MR does it (the requested changes will likely be addressed tomorrow, when I have some time). And talking about future bash-only scripts is a bit theoretical right now. Let's discuss those test when they arrive to leave the academical area and go back to practice. And BTW, I never said that requiring bash is a *big obstacle*. It's just a small annoyance.

So, there is no second-class platform when applying this MR (no single script *really* requires bash yet). And for the future of bash-only scripts I suggest to wait & see.

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