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Tue Nov 27 13:10:23 CET 2018

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos started a new discussion on lib/includes/gnutls/gnutls.h.in:

>   * @GNUTLS_CLIENT: Connection end is a client.
>   * @GNUTLS_DATAGRAM: Connection is datagram oriented (DTLS). Since 3.0.0.
>   * @GNUTLS_NONBLOCK: Connection should not block. Since 3.0.0.
> - * @GNUTLS_NO_SIGNAL: In systems where SIGPIPE is delivered on send, it will be disabled. That flag has effect in systems which support the MSG_NOSIGNAL sockets flag (since 3.4.2).
> - * @GNUTLS_NO_EXTENSIONS: Do not enable any TLS extensions by default (since 3.1.2). As TLS 1.2 and later require extensions this option is considered obsolete and should not be used.
> - * @GNUTLS_NO_REPLAY_PROTECTION: Disable any replay protection in DTLS. This must only be used if  replay protection is achieved using other means. Since 3.2.2.
> - * @GNUTLS_ALLOW_ID_CHANGE: Allow the peer to replace its certificate, or change its ID during a rehandshake. This change is often used in attacks and thus prohibited by default. Since 3.5.0.
> - * @GNUTLS_ENABLE_FALSE_START: Enable the TLS false start on client side if the negotiated ciphersuites allow it. This will enable sending data prior to the handshake being complete, and may introduce a risk of crypto failure when combined with certain key exchanged; for that GnuTLS may not enable that option in ciphersuites that are known to be not safe for false start. Since 3.5.0.
> - * @GNUTLS_ENABLE_EARLY_START: Under TLS1.3 allow the server to return earlier than the full handshake
> - *   finish; similarly to false start the handshake will be completed once data are received by the
> - *   client, while the server is able to transmit sooner. This is not enabled by default as it could
> - *   break certain existing server assumptions and use-cases. Since 3.6.4.
> - * @GNUTLS_ENABLE_EARLY_DATA: Under TLS1.3 allow the server to receive early data sent as part of the initial ClientHello (0-RTT). This is not enabled by default as early data has weaker security properties than other data. Since 3.6.5.
> - * @GNUTLS_FORCE_CLIENT_CERT: When in client side and only a single cert is specified, send that certificate irrespective of the issuers expected by the server. Since 3.5.0.
> + * @GNUTLS_NO_EXTENSIONS: Do not enable any TLS extensions by default (since 3.1.2). As TLS 1.2 and 

Why this large change? Such unrelated changes make the review of this commit, a very tedious task. Please limit to the changes related to this feature.

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