[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | RFC7250 Raw public keys (!650)

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Tue Nov 27 13:11:51 CET 2018

Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos started a new discussion on lib/includes/gnutls/gnutls.h.in:

>   * @GNUTLS_POST_HANDSHAKE_AUTH: Enable post handshake authentication for server and client. When set and
>   *   a server requests authentication after handshake %GNUTLS_E_REAUTH_REQUEST will be returned
>   *   by gnutls_record_recv(). A client should then call gnutls_reauth() to re-authenticate.
> + * @GNUTLS_NO_AUTO_REKEY: Disable auto-rekeying under TLS1.3. If this option is not specified
> + *   gnutls will force a rekey after 2^24 records have been sent.
>   * @GNUTLS_SAFE_PADDING_CHECK: Flag to indicate that the TLS 1.3 padding check will be done in a
>   *   safe way which doesn't leak the pad size based on GnuTLS processing time. This is of use to
>   *   applications which hide the length of transferred data via the TLS1.3 padding mechanism and
>   *   are already taking steps to hide the data processing time. This comes at a performance
>   *   penalty.
> - * @GNUTLS_ENABLE_CERT_TYPE_NEG: Enable certificate type negotiation extensions (RFC7250).
> + * @GNUTLS_ENABLE_EARLY_START: Under TLS1.3 allow the server to return earlier than the full handshake
> + *   finish; similarly to false start the handshake will be completed once data are received by the
> + *   client, while the server is able to transmit sooner. This is not enabled by default as it could
> + *   break certain existing server assumptions and use-cases. Since 3.6.4.
> + * @GNUTLS_ENABLE_RAWPK: Enables raw public-key credentials to be used during the handshaked. Since 3.6.5.

Maybe: 'allows raw public keys to be negotiated during the handshake.' (note also the typo in 'handshaked')

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