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Fri Jan 11 13:19:56 CET 2019

IMO, it helps the GnuTLS project if we reduce the CI turnaround times. At least I can't wait an hour or so for a result, when further work is based on the results. I personally have the impression that development performance is pretty slow. Waiting 1-2 hours for a trivial change to be checked is tedious. The 'Signed-off-by' issue is just symptomatic (and not so important to me as stand-alone issue).

In my professional environment, I make like 10-30 commits a day and then run a complete test. Mostly starting the tests when I leave the office to have results in the morning. At GnuTLS I am at 1 commit every two days, mostly because of long-running CI (and discussions of course, which is ok). It feels like being very unproductive. Another point is that - of course - I won't wait for the CI, but start new work on other projects, which often pulls me in for hours or days. It is then hard to remember or to continue the work at GnuTLS - especially when CI runners needs to be restarted several times due to 137 errors or whatever.

Not sure if we have time enough at FOSDEM, but I suggest a brainstorming on how to improve CI / testing.

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