[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | Improving speed of test suite (#674)

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Mon Jan 14 13:16:02 CET 2019

Note that this is the running in isolation, the contribution to the total running time is not clear from the above since we run the tests in parallel. The parallelization we have already with the `make -j$(nproc)` may be increased further since we have idling processes. We could try '-j' as well.

If not, for the `sleep` tests we can improve them by using `virt-sleep.h`. For the `rng-op` tests we have a dedicated issue #669 and by a brief look the test seems to be not tied to the code it is testing, thus we may be able to optimize it.

> Maybe that list helps to separate tests into directories/groups that could by run in parallel on different runners

More directories reduces parallelization with make. A new runner will add an additional load due to bootstrap/configure and we do not know if a separate machine is used or just another container in the same physical system. Maybe the `nproc` approach will prove more beneficial

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