[gnutls-devel] GnuTLS | specialize gnutls_load_file() for unix-like OS (!1270)

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Sun May 31 05:14:45 CEST 2020

Glenn Strauss commented:

I added some commits to demonstrate more consistent easier and more correct code using the `gnutls_load_file()` interface and passing function params using the `gnutls_datum_t` data structure.

With the latest push, I built gnutls and ran all tests with `make check`.  All tests pass (or were skipped by the test harness)

Along the way, I fixed a bug in `src/certtool.c:load_infile()` which misreported the filename in the error condition, always reporting `OPT_ARG(INFILE)` instead of the `file` param passed into `load_infile()`

Remaining in the gnutls codebase (after applying these patches) is a single call to `read_file()` (for non-unix systems) and a single call to `fread_file()` for the applications under `src/` when the apps read `stdin` or device files.

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